What is TTTS?

As a nurse, TTTS or Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, was something I knew about and even cared for babies in the NICU who had been born too early due to the syndrome. However, it was something I never understood completely or so personally until the diagnoses came my way.

It is a syndrome that occurs in a set of identical twins or any multiples who are sharing a placenta. There are connections with the blood vessels which lead to an unfair share of blood flow to one twin and not the other. The smaller twin is referred to as the donor twin and the bigger twin is known as the recipient twin. There are varying degrees of severity and different treatment options. For my sweet girls and I, we were diagnosed as severe.

For more information and support on Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome please visit the following websites:

TTTS Cincinnati Children's Hospital
The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation


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