Monday, July 23, 2012

Redeemed Outdoor Collection

Life has a way of sometimes pressing down and causing one to forget.

To forget what really matters.

To forget what they are living for.

To forget how much they matter.

I have plaques and various decoration items placed throughout my house to rattle this brain of mine when I get overwhelmed and forget.

They are nice reminders, gentle nudges to get your brain to remember and your heart back on track.

DaySprings offer some items that do just that.

The month of July they have included some beautiful outdoor items to their Redeemed Collection and these items offer beautiful ways to decorate the home (inside and out) as well as the heart.

Life can sometimes turn ugly. Life can sometimes turn hard. But if we keep faith and trust . . .

He makes everything beautiful!

We just need to give the appropriate attention and care and He will do the rest.

And what about for those days when you feel so small and wonder if what you are doing really matters at all?

If His eye is on the sparrow, how much more does He care for us?

To view the complete Redeemed Outdoor Collection click and possibly even shop(?) here.

If you like anything you see, you can type in this code, JOY2012 to receive 25% off your entire purchase.


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