Monday, September 19, 2011


On the right front tooth, there is a slight chip at the corner. It is one of many things that endears me to my husband.

Years ago, while we were still dating, he asked me, do you think I should get this fixed?

I did not. I do not.

I sometimes can only focus on that tiny chip when he is talking. I often have to ask him what it was he just said. I realize that all I have done was stare. I stare at something that once was complete, but by and through life, it was broken. Broken but so beautiful.

Other times I catch a glimpse of it when he smiles at me and I am captivated, pulled in his direction to let a kiss rest on his lips.

All because of the slight chip in one of his teeth.

To me, it is beautiful. It is just a small piece (or lack there of) that makes him, him. My husband. The father to our children. A child of God.

Years ago, when he asked me if he should get it fixed, he saw it as an imperfection. I saw it as beauty.

Are the imperfections what makes life beautiful?

A chipped life is imperfect but it is beautiful and since it is beautiful, it is made perfect.

Through pain, tears, cries, heartache, there are smiles, laughter, joy.

From the cracks and holes and weeping wounds, there is more clinging to what is good. What is joy.

Would those not be beautiful and perfect if there were no imperfections?

Through the cracks and the holes and the weeping wounds, He comes and feels them and then fills them with His glory. His perfection.

He makes everything perfect. Everything joy. Everything beautiful.

Only by the imperfections of life is anything made perfect and beautiful.

I love that chipped tooth.

I am learning to love and appreciate all the chips.


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