Friday, February 24, 2012

To Find The Answers

I don't know.

I know the way the heart squeezes, causing blood to push life through. I know the way air is breathed in and love is breathed out but I don't know this and this is what I want to know. What I search in vain to find.

I don't know.

Once pieces of the heart, pieces of love, have been broken off, does the healing ever cause new growth? Allowing those broken, missing pieces to regenerate . . . self-repair?

I think this missing piece . . . pieces of brokenness are not meant to be fixed, repaired, or replaced.

I think the brokenness is meant to stay. A reminder that I am broken, that no matter the searching and all those attempts at the self-fixing, I am broken.

The ragged edges, the reminder of the loss are only made smooth when the Pierced Hand covers and soothes.

That Hand doesn't regenerate or fix or replace. That Hand covers it all and by the covering performs the healing.

I think those missing pieces remain, like the thorn in Paul's side, to remind that we are only whole by that broken, Pierced Hand.

It takes The Broken to mend the breaking. Not to fix, repair, or replace but to remind that we are loved. We are loved and in the loving made whole. And this is beautiful.

"Embrace every pain as a peeling away of something ~ to make me know it in new ways, that He is enough."
Ann Voskamp 



  1. I had a Big Bird cookie jar that my grandma gave me when I was younger. I dropped it one day and broke his head. I glued it back together, but there were tiny little pieces missing. It looked fine on the shelf from a distance, but it definitely wasn't the same up close.

    I've always thought that grief/brokenness was a lot like that. The pieces are always missing, no matter how well you glue them back together.

    1. And such is true for us. We are broken, trying to hide those sharp edges that still cut deeply. Thank you for sharing this with me.



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