Saturday, October 8, 2011

What is Faith?

I was always one to remain quiet about my faith. Thinking it was something personal. It was only meant to be personal and believing it was just between God and I.

It is not.

I am His.

Faith is designed to be shared.

I am His and woven into the fibers of creation is to bring glory to the One who created.

Some have wondered. Some have questioned. How can you praise when He allowed sorrow to take place?

How can I not?

How can I believe, know, my sweet babies are in the presence of Christ but not believe IN Christ? Son of God? Saviour?

They are not seperate.

How can I rave and dream and hope of the beauty of Heaven but ignore the One who created it all?

I can not.

I will not.

No matter what this life brings, He is the One.

He is the Reason.

He is the One who deserves praise. Always.


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