Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Girl Said YES!

You remember that one well, don't you?

It was out with the old and in with the new. Goodbyes were uttered to a year, to a decade, to a century while everyone anxiously awaited for the new Millennium to be ushered in with a bang. Eyes peeped out through the zeros of the '2000' glasses and everyone was talking about Y2K. 

I remember much about the night the new pushed out the old. I remember it for many of the same reasons everyone else does who lived it. I also remember for reasons completely different as well. 

Very vivid, heart swelling memories that have nothing to do with the Millennium. I remember it like it was yesterday. I suppose I always will . . .

I also remember details prior to that night.

Let's hit the rewind button for a sec.

My then-boyfriend and I had discussed marriage months prior to December 31st. We discussed it but not seriously at first. As time went on, the topic of marriage started to have a serious tune to it. 

The end of November, while on break from college, we talked with the minister at our church. Prior to talking with our minister, we had our hearts set on a certain date (it was sentimental) and we both came to the mutual decision that if the date was not available, we would wait for the following year. 

The date was available, and it was ours! He had a ring but it had not yet been placed on my finger. I had not traditionally been asked. I knew we were getting married but what I didn't know was if we were technically engaged.

This upset me periodically and one particular day I became super upset by the sequence of events. I had in my head how certain things would occur in my life. Knowing I was going to get married but had not yet been proposed to was not one of them. 

So, being the sweet, calm person I am, I politely told (okay, maybe I demanded) my then-boyfriend (or would that be fiance?) "to just give me the ring! We already had the date set, so my fairy tale proposal was ruined!"

He did not give me the ring. In fact, I don't think he even acknowledge my outburst. Scratch that, I mean my statement voiced logically and flavored with sweetness. 

New Years Eve 1999, back on . . .

Some time during the festivities of that night, my then-boyfriend (or would that be fiance? See how confused I was?) went missing. Really he just left the party for awhile but I did not know where he went and could not find him. I'm just trying to add an element of mystery here.

Not long before the ball was to drop, a friend asked if I would go outside with him because he needed some girl advice.

Sure! Why not? But I was a little concerned that I would miss the official start to the new millennium and where was my boyfriend (or fiance, whatever)?!

My friend was chatting away as we walked outside. He went to his vehicle to get something but instead of walking back inside, we continued walking until we were way out in the backyard.

It was beautiful out. The air was cool, crisp and clean. There were scant piles of diamond encrusted snow decorating the ground and the sky was being lit up in bold colors.

We walked until we came close to a pond with a side walk outlining it. Fireworks were bursting with color in the air and I noticed two lit candles on the sidewalk. Strange, I thought. I no sooner saw the candles, when I noticed by boyfriend (again, or was that fiance?) coming from around the other side of the house. 

I hit my friend and exclaimed, "Look! There's my boyfriend! How did he know we were out here?"

Our friend ran away. As he ran, I yelled after him, "I thought you needed to talk, where are you going?" And why is he running away like my boyfriend (fiance?) is going to beat him down?

My boyfriend (fiance?), came and took my hand with a smile on his face, and again, I repeated my question as to where our friend was going?

Are you catching on that sometimes I can be completely oblivious?

Oh, I also forgot to mention how when I had my outburst, I mean calm logical statement, I told my then-boyfriend that there was no way he would surprise me with a proposal because I was expecting it all the time. So, just give me the ring!

Well, I guess I wasn't expecting it that night.

With my hand in his, he led me to the sidewalk where the candles were and sat me down. He sat down in across from me, and picked up his guitar. Where did that come from?

He began strumming his guitar with music he composed. And there was a song on his lips. It was the sweetest sound I ever heard.

It was a song he wrote. Just for me.

The breath he breathed in, was released in sweet music asking me to share his life. To be his wife.

Seriously! I know you are all thinking, "that only happens in movies." Well, if does, then I was the leading lady on the big screen that night.

Through tears that made the colored light in the sky all the more beautiful, I said yes!

Minutes later, as an engaged couple (and the confusion of boyfriend or fiance was laid to rest), we shared in the countdown and witnessed the start of everything new.

I said, "I do" to that gorgeous man in July 2000.

I would not change the story. Not a sequence of it. It was more fairy tale than I could have ever dreamed.

Today was part of a link-up with Mama Kat and her Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop.



  1. I'm getting goosebumps reading your story. I love romantic fairytales! It's good he waited for NYE. So much more special than a random day.

  2. So great to hear a man being that romantic...yes you were oblivious, but a good friend too! Glad you had time to witness the ball dropping together. Thank you for sharing!



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