Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is a Five Minute Friday with Gypsy Mama.

It is five minutes of uninhibited writing about a chosen topic from the Mama mentioned above.

That's a bit of a leap for this planner but here I go . . .

I believe I have mentioned before how I am a bit of planner, a control freak and a Type A personality. I like to have a blueprint for my life. I like to know where I am headed and what to expect once I get there. How do I deal when things haven't gone as planned? Well . . . I'm still not sure.

I have had some unexpected moments in my life. Moments like falling in love, stopping to admire a sunset, feeling the sensation of salt water waves crash against the legs.

Those have been wonderful, magnificent, unexpected moments.

A little over four months ago, the Unexpected happened. The unexpected-this-is-not-supposed-to-happen-to-me-moment. The Unexpected happened in a big way, in a big moment. Every since then, the unexpected continues to happen in small ways, in small moments. 

I'm just left wondering if the unexpected can still be appreciated as it once was.

My moments, all of my moments are unexpected now. I find that I startle myself. I no longer feel the obsessive need to plan (what's the point?). I don't feel like controlling anything (did I ever really have any control before?).  I'm not much for a super clean house with everything in its place anymore (I hardly notice when there is a weeks worth of dishes piled in the sink).

My unexpected moments . . .


Becoming incredibly angry


Sleeping well

Managing to climb out of bed

Singing along to a song



These are also unexpected moments . . .

Feeling God's peace

Trusting Him

Feeling Him hold me



  1. What a beautiful post. I went back and read your story and my heart is breaking for you and your family. I will be praying for you and more unexpected moments of smiles and laughter!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I just read your story and my heart breaks for you. Last year my niece lost twin boys around the same time. Nothing prepares you for this kind of unexpected. I am thankful that God does not leave us alone, and offers grace that really is amazing. I am saying a prayer for you tonight.



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