Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Wonders of the Web!

A few weeks ago, an awesome woman, contacted me. Just a few days ago, we chatted on the phone. She is such an amazing, compassionate woman of God.

She listened, truly listened and let me talk. She asked questions, she spoke words of wisdom and offered sweet words of comfort to me on the Eve of a hard day.

I feel extremely blessed to call her friend.

She has been emailing me wonderful stories of hope. Just tonight I received an email from her with a link from You Tube in it.

It is going to seem like I am venturing off course here for a minute but just stick with me. A few years ago, I started following a blog by a person who also suffered the loss of a baby. I found her to be an inspiration. I got the chance to meet the blogger, Angie Smith, at this years Women of Faith Conference (which was a complete act of God that I was even there). She is so sweet and compassionate and sincere. She hugged me as we both cried.

Now, back on track. The email that I got tonight with the You Tube link, it was a link to Angie and her husband, Todd (singer of the band Selah, which their song, I Will Carry You, was played at Emmerson and Vivienne's funeral) sharing the story of their dear daughter Audrey Caroline.

Nothing is ever, really, by coincidence, is it?

I have felt compelled to share with you tonight, with what was shared with me.

I completely relate. I am not ready to stop talking about Emmerson and Vivienne. And I "get" the comment on being Audrey's voice. As their mommy, I am their voice in this world and I refuse to remain quiet about the miracle, the blessing of my sweet girls. Their voice is the reason I created my blog. It is done in their honor, in their memory.

To be honest, I don't care so much about my legacy. What I care about, is the legacy I create for Emmerson and Vivienne. It is theirs, all of it, because without them, it would never have been set in motion. Their impact on me has been huge. It is my hope that their impact in this world, is beyond measure. I hope they continue to bless others in the way that they blessed me.

And I so hope, that through this, that by this, my living daughter is proud to call me mommy. I hope that she learns how to truly love Christ. To trust Him even in the hard, the dark, the ugly. That is what I hope I leave for her . . .


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  1. Stephanie. I can't seem to find your email. I am probably just overlooking it. Mine is taradedmon@hotmail.com. I so hope to hear from you. I hope we can have this same sort of relationship.



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