Monday, November 21, 2011

How is Love?

The sound is taken in, causing vibration of drum and memory names it Laughter. My husband's laughter.

The lips form curve, the eyes crinkle and twinkle with delight and memory names it Smile. That smile revealing that chipped tooth.

I am pulled in, intrigued. The butterflies take flight, the heart swells and memory names it Love.

I smile big, eyes sparkle, laughter bubbling and my response, the only one I can think to say, the one I have been telling him for years, "you make my heart smile."

To fall in love is a gift, a miracle really. The falling is a movement, a release of control. Is the falling just a one time thing? You jump, you fall and then you land with the one chosen and life resumes?

Or does the falling, the little movements, moments when love takes over, dominates, are those everlasting and ever occurring? 

It happens all the more. I loved the first fall with the one chosen but I enjoy and celebrate the You make my heart smile falls. The ones where I feel it over and over again. Those moments when I feel I am apart of a grand Love Story.

Those moments when all sense of control is released and lost and delight is taken in the fall. When memory names the smile, the laughter, the Love.


1 comment:

  1. I love the way you talk about love. These lines are beautiful, I can see the smile, hear the laughter and feel the love. Brilliant.
    Have a lovely day!



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