Monday, January 16, 2012

My Sweet Girls

I wish . . .

I could hold you both, once more.

I could kiss your foreheads, your hands, those sweet, chubby baby cheeks.

Be a witness to your wonderings.

To watch you grow.

I look for you and I see you . . .

In the rays of the light of the sun.

In the evening sky that has been painted in those vibrant colors by your delicate hands.

In the light of the moon.

When life pushes through the dirt and beauty blooms.

I feel you . . .

In the whispers of the wind.

In memory where your hearts remain beating.

In my heart, for that is where you live. Always in me. Always in my heart.

I hope . . .

In the promise of the Cross.

In an unchanging God.

In heaven, now your home. Hope to meet you there, where we will live together forever.

My sweet Emmy and Vivi, I miss you so much! But I love you more. Please know my heart aches for what I have lost and missed but not for a second, what you gained.


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