Monday, January 2, 2012

Where We Live

One tends to think about the days to come on the first days of a new year.

We think of all the things we can do different, all the things that will be better.

We think of the goals we will achieve in the coming days and months.

We set goals. We close our eyes and we dream.

We think and dream of the days to come. We never stop to think that the dreams we dream can form another shape. We never give our selves the grace to think that the goals we set, could actually make way for other more meaningful moments to sneak in when one is busy planning and trying to achieve.

We sit. We think. We dream.

We try to plan our days and with the planning, comes questions.

So many questions!

I am the worst of offenders when it comes to the asking and the planning.

We ask the questions and then desperately plead for the answers.

So many questions!

And more often, the answers never find us.

Questions. Some big and some small but still so many.

I read once that if we had all the answers, life would be boring.

And isn't it really in the folds of the not knowing where we truly live?

Where life takes command without us realizing?

If the memories made are made in the curves of a question mark, then I will ask away.

I just hope that I don't get so caught up in the planning for fear of the unknown, that I miss the memory of the moment lived.


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